Adding Future Technologies to the Present Skillset

We are working on the knowledge platform of latest technologies with the help of best minds from industry. This is not just the add-on but the need of hour and will be launching soon.

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Technology is constantly changing how we live and work. Though the human race has evolved due to technology, there is a certain frustration that is hurting the youth due to the lack of jobs and extreme focus on survival instead of sustainability. Especially in B/C level cities, engineering students are either not job-ready or only getting offers for low profile non-technical jobs. The misbalance in the technical education system has made it difficult for industries to find competent professionals.

To meet the demands of the industry, NJIntelligence has started an initiative Happy Roots, designed for the entrepreneurs of the future. Bridging the skill gap in future technologies, Happy Roots aims to provide industry-aligned learning & mentorship programs on future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, etc.

Major challenges hindering young professionals
  • Quality of faculties not as per current industry requirements

  • Lack of industry/ job orientation in education

  • Lack of mentorship/ roadmap development for students

  • Weak link between industry and education ecosystem

  • Lack of support for entrepreneurship

  • Lack of expertise and infrastructure for advance technologies like AI, ML, IoT, etc.

The Current Market Demand

To remain relevant and contribute meaningfully to organizations, there was a need in the market for someone to offer experiential learning & mentorship of industry-aligned future technologies. This kind of training would need to touch on several different aspects:

  • Faculty development program on advance technologies & teaching patterns

  • Job oriented learning program for students

  • Building connections between the IT ecosystem and talent

  • Providing lab infrastructure for practical learning on future technologies

Building the Roots

Happy Roots was started with the intent to empower the entrepreneurship streak in young professionals by offering mentorship and infrastructure, while also connecting with IT industries & providing job opportunities for deserving candidates. The faculty development training programs have been developed by experts in accordance with the latest industry-aligned trends. Apart from enuring mentorship programs on future technologies such as AI, ML and IoT, Happy Roots also ensure the use of latest lab equipment for practical learning.

We are working on the knowledge platform of latest technologies with the help of best minds from industry and will be launching soon.

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