Current Issues faced in receiving Feedbacks

AI Enabled Problem Identifier

Every positive change, whether it’s small or big, is like a chain reaction in the service industry that spreads across to gain more customers; ultimately adding profitability and brand value to the business...

Real-time capturing of customer reaction.
Capture critical data to enable the diagnosis of the exact issue
Real-time monitoring by staff (important for escalations)
Real-time immediate communication with the customers
Immediately solving the highlighted issue and satisfying the customer
Taking note of the problem and solution for future escalations

The Innovative Review System
- by Intelligence

Made in a collaboration between technology experts and service industry experts, this platform is designed to collect real-time feedback, with live monitoring in backend and suggest immediate action on required cases. Taking approximately 6 secs of your guest’s time, Intelligence is sure to elevate the customer experience of your business in the service industry.

Research says

future of reviewsystem WITH intelligence
The Innovative Review System
- by Intelligence

Intelligence by NJ Group is a cognitive digital avatar that has been created using advanced technologies of data science and artificial intelligence. Designed to solve the biggest challenge of collecting, monitoring and handling the customer feedback in the service industry, Intelligence will help your business grow in the competitive market.


Takeaways for your business
  • Happy and loyal customers

  • Reduction in repetitive complaints

  • Reduction in losses due to customer review

  • Savings on promotions

  • Focused and effective Digital Marketing made possible

  • System and process improvement

  • Motivated staff owing to rational and factual judgment based on system data