Neelendra shares the adorable moments – My Unforgettable day

29 mar 2023

This is about one of the most beautiful chapters of my life which I cannot resist to share. This is about the wedding of my daughter Niharika which was much beyond the ceremonies.

It was - The fulfilment of a long awaited dream, the day of my happiest moment and a reunion of beloved ones who were engrossed in the rituals, for 3 days and nights.

"That feeling which made every ritual of this wedding a grand one. It is not so easy to express what you feel when you desire for something and is achieved more than desired."

I remember when I travelled to India to initiate my hunt for the venue and it was simply the test of performance-underpressure. When you are too excited for the best thing to happen in your life and the expectations are so high, it becomes very important to maintain the balance on your emotions and have trust on your destiny along with the arduous efforts.

And that's what I did and explored almost every corner of India for this occasion of my beloved daughter. And I found a place, which is truly difficult to be expressed in words. A historical palace with unique combination of luxury vs originality, traditional vs modern. The palace was in its original form, untouched, with captivating Indo-Saracenic architecture with intrinsic painting covering every room, every wall and every corner of it. Every view from that palace was a visual feast to my eyes. While trying to digest the beauty of this place, I got to know that there is an old Jain temple as well within the campus,

Finally the d-day had come. The entry into the palace was truly royal. The music from the live giant drums set everyone mesmerized on the long 100 staired entry to the main gate. And the celebration started with every ritual celebrated in the different royal spaces of the palace, having all the beloved ones fully engrossed in the joy.

Looking at the smiling faces, I felt so contended that this could not have been better than this, though being a perfectionist, such scenarios are rare in my life when I feel so much satisfied.

The rounds of masti was limitless from the dance parties in sangeet night till the jumping inside the pool.

Some of the moments were really special like the entry of the Aniket ( The Groom ) on the elephant, was something lasting in my dreams since years and sometime I shared that as well with Neetu ( my wife ) and never thought that such rare moments are actually going to happen.

When we were leaving that place, it was loaded with ample of memories out of Samode palace.

There are few things which are destined to happen in your life and I was feeling so peaceful, so satisfied while leaving that place. After 3 days and nights of very different experience, as a father of bride, away from the professional world, I lived every moment to the fullest. The wedding of my daughter is celebrated in a way, which is much more than I planned and expected and one of the best achievements of my life which I will always cherish in my memories and thanks to God and everyone who was part of this, for helping me in achieving this. If we look at this from another angle, it is a good example of achieving something exceptional with true commitment of energy and emotions