Impact of tech innovation on food sustainability

7 Aug 2022

Singapore has been a hub for ethical food tech innovation - thanks to its thriving startup culture comprising fast-growing businesses looking to make food supply more sustainable. With a secure and powerful intellectual property system and access to resources with future-ready digital skills, Singapore has quickly become an attractive destination for food innovation. Then, considering the density of our beautiful island's population, many startups have been able to make inroads - testing the viability of their products and services.

Another important aspect is the extent of government support in terms of infrastructure, financial, and policy assistance. This has gone a long way to attract foreign investors, ensure food safety regulations, and basically - help deliver sustainable and nutritious food experiences.

How food tech startups will help achieve Singapore's '30 by 30' goal

One of the latest government initiatives to promote a sustainable food culture is the drive toward Singapore's '30 by 30' vision. As per the official report, the purpose is to strengthen Singapore's agri-food industry's "capability and capacity to produce 30% of our nutritional needs locally and sustainably by 2030." The government hopes to alleviate the pressures of food import and, instead, make the local production ecosystem more efficient.

How exactly are they planning on achieving this? That's where agri-food technology comes in. Backed by fast-growing startups that are using advanced technology to transform farming practices, improve supply chain dynamics, and produce higher-quality food through sustainable practices.

On the one hand, their involvement will help incubate a stronger and more ethical future for the food industry - nurturing local businesses while establishing better infrastructure and resources on the island. On the other hand, it will also make sure that global supply chain disruptions don't affect Singapore's food production. As the COVID-19 lockdowns have proven, this can be of tremendous value in overcoming unpredictable events.

Exploring the world of alternative proteins, novel ingredients, and local farm produce

In the past, people had no choice but to buy and consume conventional food products, especially protein-based, that are neither nutritious nor sustainable. But thanks to recent advancements in food technology, the world of alternative proteins like plant-based meat opened itself to consumers worldwide. Of course, food regulations also played a significant role in helping confirm health and nutrition claims. Some of the benefits are:

  • Higher level of nutrition
  • Promotion of animal welfare
  • Lesser footprint on the natural ecosystem
  • Better food security

Along with this push towards food sustainability, other trends, such as the use of novel ingredients and leveraging local farm produce, also emerged strongly. However, it would be fair to say that in a country like Singapore - it's only a matter of time before meaningful trends become the overall mindset!

Be a part of the hottest food tech startup/restaurant week event

In case you don't know yet, there's a mega food tech event creating a buzz around us. Feed 9B Singapore Restaurant Week is going to be the world's first agri-food tech of its kind! Sounds exciting? Well, it gets better. 

To be held between September 5 and 11 as part of the Singapore Food Festival, this event is all set to change hearts and minds about the importance of food sustainability. It features some of the leading agri-food tech startups who are reimagining the food industry. Many of their solutions and services aim to bring alternative proteins, novel ingredients, and local farm produce closer to consumers. The aim of the restaurant week is to raise awareness of food sustainability and food security with Feed 9 B's vision and Singapore's 30 by 30 goal.

The best part is that anyone can have "first-hand taste experiences"!


Just show up at one of the 11 restaurants selected across Singapore to offer a Sustainable Menu during this week-long festival. 

Cali Ascott Raffles - the place to be and eat sustainably

Cali is thrilled to be a part of Feed 9B Singapore Restaurant Week - between 5th September and 11th September. Try our plant-based sustainable menu - featuring yummy, nutritious, and zero-guilt dishes like planet-based crab cakes and keto brownies. 

We promise you that you won't go back unhappy. In fact, we guarantee you that it will help change the way you think about sustainable food practices.

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