Robot Waiter to “digital salesman”: How this S’porean grew a canteen to a F&B tech empire

23 June 2022

13 years ago, Neelendra Jain was running a vegetarian Indian stall at Singapore Management University (SMU).

The business was decent, but Neelendra wanted more. The very next year, he managed to open another store called Namastey India, and this was followed by several more stores in the next few years 

By 2017, Neelendar's portfolio of businesses had grown to an impressive size. he owns a successful restaurant chain with multiple outlets in Singapore called Cali, and several other stalls and restaurants.

This was quite the transformation. How did one man build an empire out of a single store in a school canteen? The answer, according to Neelendra, lies not just in adopting technology but also finding out what technology is best suited to the business.

Why are they banking on technology?

As the owner of several food and beverage (F&B) outlets in Singapore, Neelendra experienced first-hand the difficulties of managing the multiple aspects of running such a business: incorporating customer feedback, improving sales, and many more.

As such, Neelendra came to understand the necessity of finding solutions to these problems, and realised that F&B tech could be a valuable asset to have.

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